True things are born in the family

Today we are the Plaza, unique location on the sea Messina.
The years’60 those of the Italian miracle in the land of Sicily, Castroreale Terme Messina, a long beach, a village of fishermen and intent peasant with red stones to pass on the Mamertino, the wine dea of the Romans.
Nino Costantino a boy all in one piece, i marry with Angela Calabrò, they did not think twice. Nino had the attitude of independence and dell do, Angela knew the food of the Gods, passes dorum in the evenings of the hearth by grandparents. So, i start their work, all in the family.
From "Nino you eat well". The slogan of the trattoria Mollerino di Castroreale Terme. Angela and Nino never get tired. Hordes of truckers and hungry motorists, who were traveling the 113 highway to and from Palermo, were refreshed, at all hours. There was still an highway.
In the interval they found time to procreate and to build.
To the Magic Pot (Pentola Magica) were married so many people, Nino and Angela always in the kitchen and the parterre Salvatore. A flying and imaginative boy, who after destroying two batteries, chasing the rhythms of the Dik Dik, reweals himself as a refined host of the Magic Pot (Pentola Magica). Everything was possible, even trasforming the diruta Villa of the Ambassador Stancanelli, on the Poggio pleasant of the Hills of San Biagio, in a refined eno-gastronomic meeting: The Ancient Garden (L’Antico Giardino).

The years’80. The birth of Portorosa and the development of its navy. The Ancient Garden became a wonderful catalyst of beautiful people and not only, the hinterland Messina - Capo D’Orlando.
Everything was perfect. The magical atmosphere us back to the charming evenings found, only at the foot of the Monte Tauro on the Ionian sea: Taormina. All around a secular proscenium uncatchable olive grove on the Eolian islands. Beautiful things remain as long as they last. Among such beauty the family Costantino suffer the shame of destruction. Salvatore, Nino and Angela did not get discouraged, so the Plaza of Portorosa was born. Today The Plaza is a famous and popular corner of Mediterranean delicacies, a meeting place point of an increasingly cosmopolitan clientele. Everything was born and developed in the family, we said. We think, now, also Antonio, the eldest son of Salvatore and Marisa Fugazzotto, grandson of Nino and Angela Calabrò. That from agriculture they ventured in the sixties in the catering. This is the life. I mean the job. I hope that you too can spend a nice evening with us at the Plaza of Portorosa. The Costantino family awaits you.

Our imperative is to use only local products

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